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SP&P Financial Know-How B.V. are experts in providing highly experienced interim managers with a proven track record for temporary assignments in the areas of financial management and internal control.
You can rely on us when you need to manage change, accelerate special financial projects, require staffing support during peak periods or seek to address quantitative or qualitative understaffing of the finance function in your organization.

We provide expertise and specialist resources for, for instance:
•   Management of international financial projects
Transition to new financial accounting standards, such as IFRS and US GAAP
Mergers and acquisitions, including divestment and integration projects
Assessment of internal controls over financial reporting for Sarbanes Oxley (SOx) compliance
Filling temporary vacancies in financial management (e.g. Finance Director or Controller)
Improvement of business planning and control cycles

To deliver a professional and highly tailored service to our clients, we believe it is essential to ensure that a selected interim manager is appropriate for the position and the organization, in terms of both skills and personality. Our clients require competent, successful, suitably qualified experts who can make a significant contribution to their business immediately. Therefore, the first stage of our matching process is to understand clearly individual organizational needs, your specific issues, the culture of your organization and assess the required qualities and profile of an interim manager ideal for your specific situation.

In order to achieve this and build mutual trust, we will be pleased to get acquainted with your organization first. In addition, we always arrange an introductory face-to-face meeting between our short-listed candidates and your organization prior to undertaking an assignment. Since open and clear communication is one of our core values, we will inform you immediately in case we feel that we are unable to provide a candidate who is suitably qualified for your specific assignment.

To deliver immediate and effective solutions for our clients, we fall back on our talent bank: a register of carefully selected high calibre interim managers with a strong track record of delivering results. Our interim managers are ambitious, enthusiastic, goal-oriented experts who work hard and take pride in maintaining high standards in their job. In most cases, they are qualified as Chartered Accountants (“RA”) and / or Chartered Controllers (“RC”). They adapt quickly to new circumstances and, despite the temporary nature of their assignment, ensure that results of their work are fully embedded within your organisation.

We operate a distinct and effective selection process which ensures that we deliver only the very best senior executives who possess demonstrable expertise and have a proven track record, who have a no-nonsense mentality and are hands on in their approach and clear in communication. Since our organization,
SP&P Financial Know-How B.V., remains ultimately responsible and accountable for the assignment success, we will continuously monitor and evaluate the progress of each assignment.

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