Welcome to the website of SP&P Financial Know-How B.V.
As your business partner, we deliver effective solutions for:

ē Financial Projects
ē Financial Interim Management
ē Management Consultancy
SP&P Financial Know-How B.V. is successful at placing experienced Dutch senior executives to manage critical financial projects and fill interim vacancies in the areas of financial management and internal control.

Our clients can rely on us when they need to manage change, accelerate special financial projects, require staffing support during peak periods or seek to address quantitative or qualitative understaffing of their finance function.

Our interim managers will discover a challenging working environment and a competitive remuneration package. In addition, they will become part of a professional organization and will be able to expand a network of peers. Moreover, SP&P Financial Know-How B.V. is always available to our managers for counseling, reflection, brainstorming as well as dealing with personal tax and insurance related issues.

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